Dear Diary, Letters to the Lover

My head’s under water, but I am breathing fine.



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Dear…..  ,

I spoke your name while writing it. And as usual I had a shy smile on my face where I scratch my forehead looking down, so that nobody notices it. Now only you know this secret.

Twenty three years of your life will soon be completed. And I should congratulate you for your phenomenal achievements so far. But as they say “Rest if you must, but don’t you Quit“. Never quit on life. More milestones are waiting to be achieved. May you become the Chief of Indian Army one day. And when you do, re-read this letter because someone someday prayed for it.

24 June 2014.

The date still hangs around , weighing me down in your love.

I get up with it every morning, I sleep on it every night. It has stayed . It has stayed in the rose kept in my diary. It has stayed in the soiled ticket of Regal. Follows me everywhere.  And when I shut my eyes to it, it transforms into a million colors bursting in front of me.

The Smile, Yellow, Sunshine. The Rose, Red, Love. The Tiger, White, Happiness.The Coffee, Brown, Hunger. The Movie, Green, Delight. The Lift, Grey, Passion. The Metro, Black, Sorrow.

The date still hangs around , weighing me down in your love. The date you returned to your first love, the Army. Time has killed it but it stays alive in me, in the dried rose, in the soiled ticket. I will wait.

                           My head’s under water, but I am breathing fine.

I miss you in a simple, desperate, human way.

Happy Birthday.

Love Always,



And did I say – I love you.



Dear Diary, Letters to the Lover

Grow old with me. The best is yet to be.


The soldier obliged with a photograph of the letters. He keeps them neatly stacked in a file called “Rendezvous”


Dear Soldier,


It is a quiet June night , way past midnight.It is all darkness under a thin glowing veil cast by twinkling stars in a clear, dense sky. I am sitting near a window overlooking the park. The curtain can barely cover the yellow light straining through the huge sodium light on the road, shedding a pale luminous dust on the things in the room.It feels as if its neither day nor night, just the intermingling .  And here I am , smiling while writing this curious anecdote to you. Is this what we will become years later- your ending and my beginning  fused into one another.  As if there is no I or you.So intimate that my hand on your chest is your hand. So intimate that when I fall asleep , it is your eyes that close. Continue reading

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At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet


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Dear Soldier,


                               “Kiss me with rain on your eyelashes,

                                    come on, let us sway together,

                             under the trees, and to hell with thunder.” 



At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.


Its time for my evening walk but turns out it has started to rain heavily . Monsoon has finally arrived in Delhi with all  its pomp and show( read lightning and thunder  ). I wish it stays for some time because maybe it reminds me of you. Continue reading

Dear Diary

Romance as I do It



Friends and Me

Friend no 1: “Really! Romantic? Twenty days ago you were writing suicidal posts.”

Me: “Such a buzz kill you are man. I am fine. Not Bipolar…Okay…yeah…..maybe. What the hell!!”

Friend no 2: “So, why this sudden overflow of romance inside you?”

Me: “What do you mean, sudden? I had my first crush in Class 1, mind you!”

Friend no 1 :“Even with his overflowing nose which he kept picking and pasting the treasures on his  desk, mind you.”

Me: “Touche. You proved me right.”

Friend no 3: “Chal issi baat pe Lays khila de green vale.”
Continue reading

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How do I describe this?

Everything is moving around me. People are talking. The fan above me is revolving. The birds have flown home. The sun has risen and set again. The earth is rotating. But the clocks. Damn it, the clocks.

I am staring at your letter. Your handwriting. Yours. I guess that is enough for me to love it, no matter how many words you chew in between. I hold the letter close to my face and breathe it in. Maybe it has some faint scent of yours remaining. I bring it close to my lips because the pen which wrote it was touched by you. I lie on the bed keeping the letter on my chest. Maybe that way the hands which folded it might save my drowning heart.

This is all I have of you. A letter. The only belonging.