The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette



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Dear Rana,


                                            The Orphanage of Words


I made your friend keep this letter for you. If you are reading it, then something big has happened in our lives. Is it good or bad?

Some words are centuries old yet every time we hear them they feel like newborns. Through this letter, I wish those words to see the light of the day out of their orphanage.

We were in X standard. I got very ill in school one day and my mother came to fetch me. I was telling her about my pain outside the class and in the middle I saw you. You were sitting on the last bench and you had your eyes on me. You probably didn’t know that I could see you from behind the glass windows. And you kept on looking at me and I, you. I still have that image of you in front of my eyes. What were you thinking, Rana, at that moment? Continue reading

The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette



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My phone buzzes early next morning.I am immediately summoned to the site as the relief camps had been hit by the flood water the night before. Several causalities had been reported.

I wake Sudeep up and make him aware. He decides to come with me.


It is all chaos in Dumrao. I see the primal instinct of survival in humans in front of me but the humane relationships are still intact. A father is carrying his daughter on his head walking in chest deep water, a husband is holding the hand of his wife firmly in chest deep water, a boy is hugging his mother tightly in chest deep water; all trying to fight for a place on the life boat. Continue reading

The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette

Chapter- 7


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Thank you ,mummy.

I dig out a peacock shade silk saree from my unopened bag.  This should work.

I wrap it around effortlessly and tie my hair neatly into a bun. I apply a little mascara and pinch my cheeks to get some colour. I have no hope in the makeup section.

I look at myself in the mirror . I touch my face which looks drained of sentiments. I try to feel if there is any sensation left in it. Maybe it has learnt the art of veiling emotions. I take a deep breath. 

I am a survivor.

And I walk out, clattering, trying to break into my new heels. Continue reading

The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette



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“Get up. Hey.”

I wake up startled. “Reached so quick?”

“We need to get out. Some fallen trees have blocked the road completely. I took a shortcut , had no idea about this. ”

It is dark now. It hasn’t stopped raining since the morning.

“We can’t get past these.” He says coming out from behind the trees. “Lets walk. The town isn’t far. ”

I follow his command.“What a tiring day and now I have to walk four kilometers to find a bed to sleep. Not fair.” I lament, pissed. Continue reading

The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette

Chapter- 6


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The buzzing of my phone wakes me up next morning. It is Sudeep.

“Hello.” I say , still groggy.

“ Tuna, still asleep? Are you well? Tried calling you , texting you but you didn’t reply. ” I melt on listening to at least one familiar voice in this big bad world of Gorakhpur. Suddenly I want to tell him everything. But then I decide otherwise.

“Just got exhausted. Can we talk later? I am late. And by the way thanks for waking me up.”

“At your service.  Rise and shine my lady. ” What is with men and cheesy lines! Continue reading

The Orphanage of Words- A Novelette

Chapter- 4


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We are on our way to Dumrao.

“The rain hasn’t stopped. The roads are very bad but we are building them.” He tries to make a conversation in the jeep. I am in no mood.

 Be strong. We are just two professionals working together. Focus.

“Why are you so silent?” “I have come here to work.”

“A small talk doesn’t hurt. I know how to get the words out of you.” He winks.

My heart grows heavy. I turn my gaze outside the window. Tall green trees with white-brown barks whizz past me.


“Are you serious?”  Kartik and I are at the Connaught Circus in the hot Delhi summer.

“Ya, why not? My term break ends tomorrow. Lets get drunk.”

“Promise me you will carry me home.” “Yes ma’am, in my arms if need be required. ” Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning




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He was mysteriously warm. Everything that was his, radiated warmth. His fingers on my bare skin felt like sunrays. My sun had arrived out of the clouds.

“How can anyone be so warm even in this chilly weather?”

“It is easy. I am hot, you see.” Even his smile hugged me.

My heart felt tingly and high in my chest. For a second I felt like a baby in a womb. Nothing mattered. I held him close to me with my eyes closed, my hand in his hair, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect and knowing at the same time that it hadn’t. I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.

“I love you.” I took a deep breath.“ I am astonished at this intimacy. Who would have imagined, we of all people, to fall in love.”

“I always knew this would happen. This is the place I have dreamt with you. This is where we belong.”  He looped his arm around me and kissed me, his mouth lingering on mine, teeth grazing my lower lip, making me shiver. He tasted of honey. I couldn’t remember how long it lasted but when I let go off him, I missed it already. Continue reading