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10 Links to Keep You Girls Company for the Weekend



For all the Sherlock Holmes fans. His last book in an amazing digitized format.I chose the  1917 edition by George H. Doran Company.

This list  of easy to make hair buns with lucid instructions.

Watch this dark thriller described as being on the insane end of brain. Yes. I do Bollywood .

Instagram account to follow for girls-who-cannot-adult. 

Shoes I am drooling over these days.


Oh yeah! But I already have a pair.

Listen to this song to enliven that joyful pain of love. With fauji away on camp this has become my go to song.

These headphones to motivate the runner in you. And you were wondering how I lost that weight!

This Youtube tutorial to scare the beginners amongst us from makeup forever.

Recipe to give a shot this weekend.

And something from Quora.

This Little Black Dress in budget.

This post. My Diwali gift to all the freeloaders.

Happy Weekend !


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