Dear Diary

Romance as I do It



Friends and Me

Friend no 1: “Really! Romantic? Twenty days ago you were writing suicidal posts.”

Me: “Such a buzz kill you are man. I am fine. Not Bipolar…Okay…yeah…..maybe. What the hell!!”

Friend no 2: “So, why this sudden overflow of romance inside you?”

Me: “What do you mean, sudden? I had my first crush in Class 1, mind you!”

Friend no 1 :“Even with his overflowing nose which he kept picking and pasting the treasures on his  desk, mind you.”

Me: “Touche. You proved me right.”

Friend no 3: “Chal issi baat pe Lays khila de green vale.”


Fauji and Me

Me: “What is this look in your eyes ?As if you are trying to force your way into my heart. It is very intimate ,this ..warm gaze of yours. Please don’t look at me this way. It is so unnerving. It is like you are removing the clothes off my soul layer by layer by layer…I….I feel naked.”

Fauji: “Errr……..I just forgot my specs janeman.”


Bhaisahaab and Me

Me: “Don’t you dare change the channel.”

Bhaisahaab: “Dont tell me its DDLJ for 117th time on Max. Of course you cannot afford to miss it.”

Me: “Its Border actually.”

Bhaisahaab( in his head ): “Thank god for once. Maybe I should postpone fauji’s killing for the next term break.”




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